About PLUS

PLUS is a south east London based charity providing residential, respite, leisure and employment services
for adults with learning disabilities.

Our Values

We believe:

  • Individuals, their families and carers should be enabled to make decisions and choices, big & small
  • People should be listened to about what they want from their lives, giving them greater choice and control
  • As equal citizens in society, people with learning disabilities should be supported to make use of their
    rights and fulfil their responsibilities
  • People with learning disabilities should be able to be confident of their own safety
  • People must have access to better information so they can make choices, understand their rights and
    responsibilities, and speak up and be heard
  • People with learning disabilities should be fully involved in their local community, to access all that the
    community has to offer them and to be able to contribute to that community
  • We take great pride in our reputation for quality, reliability, service and value and recognise that this is
    built on the commitment and skills of our staff

Our Structure

A flat management structure enables us to work as a team to deliver peerless services for commissioners
and service users.

The PLUS Shadow Board composed of service users and employees,
and the Board of voluntary trustees guide the development of
our services. Central services work with them to develop and support specialist services for:

  • People in transition
  • Older adults
  • People with additional needs
  • Family support
  • Lifestyle, leisure and cultural activities

PLUS central services provide specialised training and Human Resources support; quality
assessment of services and property management.

We work to accreditations with the Care Quality Commission, Investors in People and
Positive about Disability. We are approved providers
for Borough Councils in Southwark, Lewisham and Croydon.

Our Board

Our Board members are as both Company Directors and Charity Trustees. They are unpaid,
giving their time freely to steer the company in the right direction. They have overall responsibility
for the organisation and decisions about finances and company policy, but are advised
by the Chief Executive.

The Trustees bring a variety of experiences and skills, including familiarity with learning disability issues
(either through work or personal experience); personnel;
marketing, finance andlegal knowledge. Some are relatives of people with learning disabilities.

  • David Dannreuther: Chair
  • Sarah Broad: Treasurer
  • Jim Wallington, Burcu Borysik, Alison Hill, Julia Rogers, Ambrita Shahani and Ester Mulcahy: Board Members

Strategic Management Team

  • Sally Pennington – Chief Executive
  • Colin Turnbull – Deputy Chief Executive
  • Ron Dempster – Head of Service
  • Hayley Gilham – Head of Service
  • Rob Agrawal– Deputy Head of Service

Our Staff

  • Our services are built on the commitment and skills of our staff
  • Our staff are carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment process, and once in post
    offered high quality support and training to perform their roles and further their careers
  • For support staff, PLUS provides all the mandatory and
    short courses needed to meet the Common Induction Standards
    and ensure continuous professional development.

What service users and their families say

“When you start your first visit there, they show you to yourbedroom and it is very comfortable for users. Holmbury Dene is a safe place to be when our parents & carers want to take a break.”

“Could you please pass on our sincere gratitude to all the carers who have been extremely kind, supportive and dedicated, this
really showed when they all persevered in travelling through extremely bad weather i.e. turning up on time and being very pleasant and jolly. I cant express how thankful we are to them all.”

What our people say

“I joined PLUS in August 2011 from another organisation. I came back after my maternity leave in June 2012, and was given a new role to manage Family Support Services. I found PLUS very accommodating, with lots of friendly and very supportive
staff and management. I feel that I have been part of the Company for years.” J

PLUS believe in safeguarding vulnerable adults and at the same
time delivering quality care. PLUS also supports people to
live with dementia, end-of-life and mental health issues.
PLUS staff are developed and trained to have the right
skills and the right attitude throughout their time with PLUS.

I should have retired 9 years ago, but because I love my job so much I was given the opportunity to stay and work. I owe my gratitude to PLUS and the service users who will always be in my thoughts when I leave the service.” M

  • To find out more about PLUS and our services, please call
    us on 020 8297 1250 or email us